This Summer, let’s have a Round of Applause for our Gardens

During the worst days of lockdown, for many of us, the garden has become something of a salvation. Unable to socialise, forced to keep distance from our buddies and prevented from heading out to the park or going on a country walk, for those of us fortunate to have outside garden space, what a blessing it’s been and no masks required!

Undeniably, it’s been a challenging time for millions of people, but at long last – fingers crossed – things are starting to get back to ‘normal’. If we can only remember what ‘normal’ was actually like!

Here at Guildford Landscapes Group, like many other businesses negotiating their way through lockdown, we have been forced to trim back our usual level of service. The GLG orchestra hasn’t been in full cry, simply because we’ve had to maintain a discreet distance from our clients and tone down the scale of work. This has been frustrating for clients who have had to put projects on hold, as well as for our landscaping team who like nothing better than getting stuck into a grand design.

Admittedly, it is easier for us to keep sensibly distanced from others, since our “office” is outdoors. Nevertheless, we have also had to adhere to some pretty strict working protocols, to keep everyone Covid safe – staff and clients alike.


How Covid has altered the gardening landscape

What has become fascinating to see during this protracted period, is people’s attitudes to their gardens.  In our experience, they have actually become more appreciative of them. The number of times we have been told, “thank goodness for the garden”.  And we couldn’t agree more. It makes you wonder how anyone has been able to cope without the therapy of stepping out onto a patio or lawn, to stretch your legs, to read a book on a sun lounger, to enjoy an al fresco lunch on the terrace, or just being able to breathe in some glorious fresh air and enjoy the sunshine. Priceless.

It has also become evident that there is now greater interest and participation in gardening itself. Cooped up at home for months on end has forced many people to take up new hobbies. There are only so many jigsaws you can do, or box sets to watch, so why not get out and do something constructive in the garden? There’s so much you can get stuck into – mowing the grass, weeding, planting shrubs, tidying up the borders or creating an area to grow vegetables. Even with limited space, with a little ingenuity, there’s so much you can do which might seem quite inconsequential, but it can make a big difference in terms of the finished result.

There also appears to have been a bonanza for barbecues. Whether for first timers, who’ve decided that getting a portable BBQ is now an essential, or for those who just want every excuse to eat out whilst restaurants have been closed. Even though mass gatherings have been banned, at least families have been able to enjoy the delights of a juicy burger cooked over the fire. Not forgetting the occasional beer or glass of wine to wash it down with, of course!


Future ideas for your garden

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has given us all a heightened sense of awareness and enjoyment of our gardens – the way we use them and view them. Even those who may have neglected their gardens up until now and considered them as nothing more than a bit of outdoor space, tagged onto the back of the property, gardens and gardening are now more in vogue than ever.

This could also explain why there is increased demand for garden rooms or for people looking at ways to adapt outside space for more practical use – especially as working from home becomes more a way of life for many. This is a subject we shall return to in future blogs.

For the time being, as we tip-toe through the next stages of easing of lockdown this summer, our love affair with our gardens shows no signs of cooling off. We may or may not be able to take our holidays abroad, but one thing’s for certain – we won’t be kept out of our gardens!

However large or small, we hope you are able to take full advantage of your garden space in the coming months. To make sure you are making the most of your outside area and keeping it in mint condition, browse our website for inspiration or call Guildford Landscapes Group on 01256 799130 or email