What is the job of a Landscape Gardener…

….one that involves more than just mowing the grass!

Of course, much will depend on their level of expertise, but the work of a landscaper will certainly require skill and imagination, given that the objective is usually to orchestrate the creation of an external area that can be appreciated for its aesthetic quality.

The landscaper’s brief may well be a sizeable one, sometimes running into many acres of land. Or it could necessitate a subtle touch to transform a small, neglected back yard into a welcoming and sociable outside space.

Whilst a landscape gardener can work in isolation, the scope of a project  will often require an expert ensemble –  whether to upgrade or refine an existing garden, or to focus on specific projects, such as introducing a water feature and fountains, undertaking the planting of trees or hedges, building rockeries or creating areas of paving and brickwork. And yes, keeping areas of lawn looking their best all year-round.

If you aren’t keen on being versatile, don’t bother applying!  The job spec encompasses a great many possibilities and there is rarely a dull moment. Trimming or felling trees, planting flowers, building garden structures and installing irrigation systems – these are all part of the daily workload. Indeed, depending on their level of expertise, work could also transition into larger scale public or private sector planning and design projects – for local authority parks and gardens or private golf courses, for example.

In addition to being something of a creative visionary, a landscaper also needs to have an eye for detail, to possess a certain level of physical fitness and a willingness to operate in all weathers!

Does this type of job strike a chord with you? If so, it could be music to your ears, as we’re currently looking for a couple of experienced operators to join our troupe.