Now’s the time for Outdoor Living and Perfect Gardens

Doesn’t it feel good!

Spring is in the air and the weather is finally warming up. Once again, we can start getting out and enjoying our wonderful gardens.

As lockdown eases and we have more opportunity to reconnect with friends and family, this is when great garden space really comes into its own. Versatile and sociable surroundings, to lift the spirits.

But what shape is your garden in? Is your outdoor space, the outstanding looking area you’d like it to be? Or are you thinking that it could really do with something of a facelift to make it shine this summer?

Whether you are set on making major changes or adding those special touches, what does it take to create the perfect garden? Often, an objective eye can make all the difference.


Size is no obstacle to a fantastic looking garden

At Guildford Landscapes Group, we create sumptuous, award-winning outdoor spaces. And they certainly aren’t all dependent upon expansive size. Sprawling acreage is always great to work with, but bijou urban gardens, where it’s important to optimise every square inch of room, can also produce wonderful results.

You may have your own precise ideas of the appearance that you would like to achieve, or you may be looking for some additional inspiration. Either way, our mission is to provide you with irresistible outdoor living space that will keep enticing you back!

Regardless of your outdoor square footage, it is important to remember that gardens aren’t simply about positioning a few flowers and shrubs – as fundamental as this may be. With some subtle tweaks and canny investment, it’s quite possible to transform the low-key into the luxurious. Creating a touch of opulence in your garden is what it’s all about!


Landscaping covers a multitude of disciplines

Rather like planning and designing a building, the same goes with exterior surroundings. Creating attractive outdoor living can be challenging as well as being extremely rewarding. From the initial stages of design, surveying and structural engineering, to the creating of paving, paths, planting, trimming, turfing and on-going maintenance (including tree surgery), there’s a lot that’s involved to ensure perfection.

Of course, in order to blend fashion and function for that virtuoso vista, you may not require all these services in their entirety – unless you are starting from scratch. And once you have your exceptional outdoor space in place, nature being what it is, it won’t stay looking masterful for long unless it undergoes constant supervision. In some cases, this can be a full-time job for a gardener, in others a weekly inspection may be all it takes. Your garden can be as manicured as much or as little as you like. We can help you find the right balance.


How to show love for your lawn

As much as the ideal garden often features a blend of colourful plants and majestic trees, the centrepiece of most outdoor living is the lawn. An exceptional lawn is often the focal point, the bedrock of the surrounding ensemble. Creating a beautiful lawn doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye – and it can’t be just left to fend for itself. Ensuring the lawn is best prepared to handle sodden or drought conditions, so that it retains that gorgeous uniform, weed-free green appearance, is a skill in itself.

The term ‘tending to the lawn’ didn’t spring up by accident. Areas of grass, however large, require a patient and subtle touch. Edging and spraying, spiking and feeding, all takes time and a lot of care and attention.

That’s why an experienced team of gardeners and landscapers is essential – to keep everything under control and looking the part. If your lawn looks unloved, this will diminish your outdoor environment.


The importance of great furnishing

Having gone to all the trouble of getting the garden into great shape, you will want to ensure it is appropriately dressed. That’s why top-quality garden furniture is essential. Whether you intend to throw garden parties, barbecues or simply want an area to chill out in, the furnishing element of any outdoor overhaul is a detail that you will definitely want to get right.

Opt for something that is both tasteful and robust. It has to be durable to overcome the elements and stand the test of time. Perhaps something fairly formal for dining, or maybe a soft sofa or two to lounge around on. Above all, the furniture needs to be stylish and comfortable, which compliments the garden space you’ve worked hard to create – whatever the time of day you choose to enjoy it. And don’t forget the lighting, if you intend to use the space in the evenings.


Summerhouses, hot tubs and pools make great focal points

If you are keen to splash out on those eye-catching, finishing touches to your luxury garden, a swimming pool or hot tub is guaranteed to make a statement. Your very own “spa” can often be the perfect way to wash away the stresses of the day. If you don’t have the space for a pool, or are put off by the British climate, a hot tub can be the perfect compromise.

Summerhouses, or garden studios, can be an effective way to introduce additional and practical outdoor shelter – especially in this day and age, when people are working at home more often. A contemporary-styled garden office beats the daily commute into town! There are endless possibilities for adding private living space into the garden area; as a quiet haven, or as a savvy solution to making extra family living accommodation. If it looks stylish, it’s bound to impress your guests and add value to your home!


Create luxury outdoor living this summer

If you have your heart set on fashioning a truly luxurious garden this summer – whatever its size – there is no better time than the present to set the wheels in motion. When you are enjoying the warmth of the July sun, in full relaxation mode, surrounded by a tableful of guests, food and fine wine, you will certainly appreciate the wonderful outdoor living space that you have created!

If you need help and advice in with your current outdoor living and garden layout, contact Guildford Landscapes Group on 01256 799130 or email